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Some Chill Pants

Some Chill Pants

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Some Chill Pants
On Velvet
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i love pants. I wear them all the time.

Jill and I have been chatting about a collaboration for some time. It was pretty straightforward. Let's make some pants you can be chill in. You know, eat a bowl of pasta and let that elastic ride. 

So we made these bad boys.

Why Velvet? To be real, it's because they are basically like wearing pajamas outside with 0 judgement. Sheila suggested we called it "On Velvet". She read it in a book once and looked it up. It means "in an advantageous or prosperous position." NOICE.

Then we bought a stamp on Lumi, I made a page on Squarespace, then Hanna helped me shoot some pics and a sweet video. 

We're doing a 20% discount for all pre-orders so you know... get some. Use PRECHILL until May 15


Not related to pants. As of today, two people have told me that white shirt looks Seinfeld's Pirate shirt.