Founder of ilovecreatives + PeopleMap


I'm a web designer and digital entrepreneur at heart, Founder of ilovecreatives, a platform connecting creatives working that slashie life. I also co-created, an Instagram marketing tool. Wee!

A typical week includes making vidoes on the YouTube, building Squarespace websites from my DTLA home office, and exploring the world IRL via Madewithmap (also, @madewithmap on Instagram).

 Photo by  Sisilia Piring

What is a punodostres?

Puno is my last name and "dostres" just came out of my head when lead me to a city in Peru. Andes, Lake Titicaca, one of the oldest civilizations on earth. You win, Peru. 

When I'm not staring at my computer, I'm causing trouble on the streets of LA and looking for good food to eat. 


Other Happenings

— Teaching