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My first Vlog

My first Vlog

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Does anyone else feel the wave of video coming? Obviously, video has been part of our world (shout out to the Lil' Mermaid fans out there!) for some time now, but I see it really making a big push this year. The gear is affordable, the bandwidth is fast, the confidence with learning tools is up, the platforms for sharing is endless, and seeing your face on screen is getting easier. 

I've started seriously taking photos three years ago, but I've never felt like I could show my personality with it. I've always loved video, but the effort to produce it would hold me back. So, after about three months of those thoughts coming in and out of my brain, I finally got fed up with my excuses. Gah! Just get it out of my system. Try it out already! I could have pushed it back a week, after my trip to NYC, but I figured if I could vlog and edit while I'm traveling, then doing it in LA is cake!

So, yeah, then I decided (with absolutely no plan) to start a 30 day vlog journey. What's that mean? I'll be creating short videos of my day and editing them that night. I really don't know what I'm doing, but whatever. Projects like these usually turn into something. Or, at least I can occupy my brain with other stuff. 


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